About Us

Driving Miss Crazy WHITE

If you know us, Driving Miss Crazy needs no explanation….. if you don’t it won’t take long to figure it out.

We are Ted and Beth Bohne.  After 16+ years of owning our own tile stores and granite fabrication company, a long fought climb back from 2008, and sending our last of three children off to college, we decided life was too short.   We had RV’ed together since we met 16 years ago and always talked about hitting the road, but neither of us probably ever thought we meant it.  Well 30+ years of the South Florida heat and the continued growth and congestion of Ft Lauderdale, took it’s tole.  We searched for more than three years and finally found our future home in Lenoir, North Carolina.  However it’s going to take a year to build that NC future.  What do you do for a year while building….Hit the Road!

Ted is the easy going, never frazzled, calm one.  Beth is the firey, red head, Italian, that has the lovable nickname “Bossy Pants” by her friends.  Hence the name of our last three boats and the theme of our Journey across the country “Driving Miss Crazy”.

Our travel companions are Cookie, our 12 yr old Pom and Harley, our 1 yr old Chihuahua.  Cookie is in charge of making sure the couch doesn’t move, and Harley (like his mother) is in charge of everything else.

We set out March 26th, 2017 for our year long (+/-) trip in search of the great places this great country has to offer.  There are a few “must do’s” on our trip, but we are trying to be flexible as well.  We aren’t some of these new minimalist kids with a “tiny house”.  We are not roughing it with our 42′ 2016 Winnebago Journey, pick-up truck and Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. Follow our Journey as we experience the wonderful USA.