Lake Placid- Another Mountain Hike and some great Olympic History

Mount Van Hoevenberg

We really enjoyed Lake Placid. Such a special little town, filled with a bunch to do and lovely people. Ted and I spent 6 days there and did not run out of things to do.  It is an area of the United States bejeweled in the most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, rivers, forests and mountains as far as the eye can see.  There were so many trails to hike, it was hard to decide which ones to do in such limited time.  We had already hiked Mount Jo.  This particular day we were onward and upward (literally). Our next hike was suggested to us by a trail guide.  Mount Van Hoevenberg is home of the Olympic bobsled and luge run. The opposite side of the mountain are some incredible hiking trails. Along the way, you run into the most awesome beaver damn.  You just cannot believe this amazing creation was completed by these little animals. The hike itself was muddy, cold and wet. Half way up the mountain, I asked Ted “the” question, “Are we there yet?”.  He responded with, ” We are about 1/2 way there, however if you want to QUIT at any time, let me know and we can turn around”.  Hmmm, challenge on.  Needless to say, we made it up to the top.  It was worth it! What a view!

Lake Placid Olympic Museum and Olympic Ski Jump Complex

Lake Placid was host of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.  Such great history.  They converted many of the competitive sites to tourist attractions.  The fees to these attractions continue to support the local athletes.  Speaking of “local athletes” Lake Placid has 3 generations of Olympians from the Shea family.  Grandfather, Jack Shea won two Gold metals for speed skating in the 1932 Olympics. His son, Jim Shea Jr competed in the 1964 Winter Games and grandson Jimmy Shea competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics brining the U.S home a gold in the skeleton race.  Super cool!

The olympic ski jumps are HUGE! You can see them from miles away. As you approach the facility they just engulf their space.  For a small fee,

We visited the hockey arena, olympic museum and the Olympic Ski Jump Complex.  They olympic museum is filled with very interesting tid-bits of history going back to when the Olympics originated. They have the coats on display from the opening ceremonies, the Olympic Torches and many other interesting pieces of ceremonies.

We met some really nice people, ate some really good food and needless to say, tried out the delicious local brew (shout out to “Jersey John” at The Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood Restaurant) Lake Placid was a success!

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