Mount Jo Loop-We reached the Summit!

We made our way to the Adirondack mountains and settled in Lake Placid. Yes, home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. We may be a little early for the “season”, but we are definitely enjoying this area already. We found this fantastic hike , Mount Jo Loop, on Trip Advisor and decided to take it on (once I purchased my bear bell and bear whistle). At a crisp 44 degrees, the hike was a perfect way to start off our time in Lake Placid.  The actual hike is just over 2 miles and the summit 700 feet.  A very beautiful and peaceful trail. A bit challenging due to the rocks, mud, and melting snow.  You definitely have to watch your footing as you ascend up.  It was an invigorating hike up and it was worth every step.  When you reach the top, you have a magnificent view of the forest and lakes.  The best part was the workout the and feeling of accomplishment when we were finished!

Of course we had to reward ourselves with a trip to the local pub.  We landed at Lake Placid Pub and Brewery. We are really enjoying meeting the locals (usually the bar tenders 🙂 and trying the local beers.  All in all, a perfect day (again)!

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