Slowing it down in Amish Country

Photo Apr 10, 7 40 34 PM

Ok we sold it all and went on the road.  Some would say that is slowing it down and simplifying things.  Well, as we pull into town with our big ole’ RV, truck, motorcycle, cell phones, satellite dish, etc, we pass an Amish guy in his horse and buggy.  It put’s in perspective a little.

I have spent a lifetime looking at incredible oceans and beautiful beaches across the globe, but I am truly awestruck by the beauty of the Pennsylvania hillsides.  There is no doubt why they named this Peaceful Valley.  We have roamed over 150 miles of countryside road the past two days on the motorcycle and never grew tired of the scenery.

We had the most incredible soft pretzels at the Countryside Roadstand just outside Intercourse PA.  That’s right, an Amish town is called Intercourse.  It’s just down the road from Bird-in-the-Hand.  Things are different here!


We continued the day with some more riding, in search of covered bridges.

After a long day, our campground is a beautiful place to catch up on a little emails and blogging….

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