The Journey Begins

Photo Mar 26, 7 27 29 PMWe are off! A long-awaited dream has now become our reality. We have officially began our journey of traveling throughout the United States in our 42′ Journey Winnebago with our “kids”.

Ted and I have talked about this adventure for many years. It has always been at the top of our bucket list. We wanted to do it while we are young (yes young!) so we can enjoy all the activities that come along with traveling around the Country.

We love the outdoors! What better way to experience our beautiful nation then to trapes around in an RV, pick up truck, Harley and our bikes.

Each day will be a new adventure. Whether it be an outdoor activity (hiking, zip lining, white water rafting), a HOG rally, concert, walk with the dogs, meeting new friends along the way, it will be exciting and joyful.

As we shared our plans with family, friends and complete strangers, they were all super excited for us and wanted to follow our adventure.

We hope to inspire those who also wish to trek across the United States.

We will keep you posted!

The Bohne Family

Ted, Beth, Cookie and Harley